In 2017 Giselle had relapsing symptoms of a flu virus that entered her brain. She experienced memory gaps, numbness in her body, blurred vision and interrupted cognitive functions such as speech and logic.  Riding on a rollercoaster of anxiety there was one thing that would calm her down, it was an intentional attention to her intuitive sensorial awareness.   Naturally, as a movement artist she grew curious and started to intentionally train this embodied way of conscious seeing.  As her perceptions expanded it was as if her heart was slowly breaking open one crack at a time.  She started to experience her environments both in the natural and technological world like beautiful threads weaving together; more colourful, more entangled and a lot more interconnected.  With attention to perception and embodied seeing she started to research the questions of: how else can humans potentially see? And how interconnected are we?  In exploring these question she was led to research neurodiversity and neuroplasticity, embodied practices of waves and energy and traditional Indigenous and Chinese cultural practices.
“Our Eyes Will Adjust” is an immersive experiential live performance.  Including dance, film, new technologies, and live streaming.  The set design will transform into an installation for the audience to expand their embodied perception as the observer and the experiencer. 
She writes, “though my art may not change the world overnight, hopefully it invokes a curiosity, a stirring of the heart, that maybe we’re all a lot more interconnected than we think.”
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